Who we are

We are a creative design agency based in Christchurch, New Zealand. We have partnered up with clients from all over the world, finding success in London, the United States and South Africa just to name a few.

Here for the long haul

We love Christchurch and the amazing people in it! The recent tough times have pulled our community together like never before and we are thrilled to be a part of its future.

It is so exciting to watch the progress of the rebuild, and to witness the city coming back to life.

What makes us special

Because we are a small agency, we can provide a personalised service. You will meet with me, the owner, and I will do the work. What this ensures is that I am totally and one-hundred percent sure of the direction you are heading, which makes the work that much better.

Our Team

We have a talented, passionate team, that is results-driven. Using our creativity, knowledge and experience, we can do everything under one roof; from concept to completion… pixel perfect!

From concept to completion… pixel perfect!

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